Motorcycle Riding Beginner Mistakes You Can Avoid

Motorcycle Riding Beginner Mistakes You Can Avoid

All seasoned motorcycle riders started as newbies. Yet, everyone has made errors and taken different precautions to avoid repeating them. Once you intend to buy a motorcycle and begin riding regularly, some things will take you only a few months to learn.

Here are some mistakes you don’t have to make as a new rider.

Purchasing a Bike Upfront

Some brand-new riders so eager to begin their motorcycling adventure purchase a bike before they even start to learn how to ride. To avoid wasting money on a bike they would only use for a few months, they also try to buy big.

Instead, take your time and enrol in a rider school to understand how different bikes fit you and how they work. Then start testing out several bikes to determine which one suits you best.

Poor Usage of Turn Signals

Many novice motorcycle riders often forget to deactivate or use their turn signals. Although it wasn’t always common, some motorcycles come with self-cancelling signals nowadays. But, mostly, you have to switch them off manually. Use and cancel your signals to communicate the correct information to the traffic around you.

Watch Out for Turns

Looking through a turn is another essential learning. Some riders turn while only gazing directly in front of them or slightly forward. Breaking that behaviour will allow you to see an entirely new world. You will be capable of taking turns more quickly due to how much less frightening and broad the roads seem to become.

Practice Makes Perfect

It always gets better with practice. Naturally, we advise enrolling in a BRC2 or Advanced course to receive advice and pointers from qualified rider trainers and help you advance your abilities each riding season.

Still, you can find a safe location and rehearse your safety skills even if you haven’t completed your rider’s training. Regularly practice braking, swerving, turning from a stop, and curve handling in an open parking lot with good asphalt.