The importance of leathers

The importance of leathers

When riding it is important to wear clothing that will protect you if you have an accident, this means helmets and leathers. Making sure your safety wear is well fitting is just as important as the quality. It can also increase the enjoyment of the ride.

Getting the fit right

You should buy your riding gear from a specialist shop. That way you can make sure you get the right fit from the start. Buying online can sometimes be a cheaper option, but you can’t be sure that you are getting the right fit until it arrives and you try it on. There are some shops that will even tailor the clothing to fit.

Clothing and Augmentation

If you have had round breast implants fitted, you might find that your usual size of riding jacket will not fit any more. Depending on how much you had decided to increase in size, your jacket may very well now be too tight, and while a snug fit is good, too tight can be uncomfortable and can stop you from breathing properly. If you fall into this category following surgery for round breast implants, then buy a new jacket as soon as you can.

Your clothing should be a close fit without being constricting, so when you go to a specialist shop, they can measure you to get the perfect fit. If you have round breast implants you can tailor all the clothing so it is just right. This is not only the chest area but also the arm length and leg length too. So, if you are taller or shorter than average you don’t have to worry about being stuck with something off the peg, the doesn’t quite meet your needs, the paddign will all be exactly where it needs to be. You will know your riding gear is as safe as it possibly can be, giving added peace of mind when you are enjoying a day out on the road.

The helmet

Arguably the most important piece of safety wear is the helmet. This too should fit snugly, and if you are new to riding it can be a little uncomfortable. Many first time riders are surprised at the weight of the helmet, especially the full face visor style. It can take a little getting used to, but is the best style of safety.

If you are unsure of what you need to get the most from your ride, ask at the specialist shop, or join a local motorcycle club and learn from the experienced riders.