The Suzuki GSX250R

The Suzuki GSX250R

In sharp contrast to the Suzuki GSX-R1000, the GSX250R can be classed as somewhat of a mixture between the brand’s Katana heritage bikes and today’s ultra-performance GSX-Rs.

The Exciting Transformation

Gone is the older version of the GW250, as its parallel twin 248cc has been upgraded with a more modern EFI on top, along with cutting-edge internals. This has resulted in a more efficient, cleaner engine that can rev-up even more. When users give it a hard rev, they get close to 25 hp on the road. And although some riders may think that this is not a great deal, it is actually within the league of the top class 1 hp.

Enjoy the Low Price and the Economy

Other than the super affordable price and comfortable, smooth riding, one of the best aspects of this type of smaller bike as recommended by experts, is its highly advantageous fuel economy which runs in at 70 mpg.

The Best Choice for Novices

When it comes to choosing your first bike, many factors have to be taken into consideration. And although would-be bikers dream of motorbikes with a vast cc, they have to be mindful of the myriad benefits a bike such as the Suzuki GSX250R offers beginners. Firstly, and most importantly, being a skilled bike rider takes a great deal of practice and experience. To that end, just passing your test is not sufficient.

Riders have to bear in mind, that unlike car drivers, bikers are more exposed to various dangers such as severe weather and bad drivers, to name just a couple. Therefore, starting off with a smaller bike from a leading manufacturer such as Suzuki is the way to go. Once you have had lots of practice with your motorbike skills, then you will be ready for something bigger. But until that time, it is not worth endangering your life, and the lives of others.


The GSX250R’ s novice friendly low seat height of just 31.1 inches, means that most beginners can swing their leg over it, and be comfortable. And in addition to this, the tank which comprises a substantial 4-gallon capacity means that bikers can enjoy cruising, and not have to fill up until they have reached a whopping 280 miles!