Bikers who have a cruiser know the wonderful feeling of riding around, sitting on a comfortable low seat, with their feet stretched out. Cruiser bikes also feature an engine which concentrates on a torque that is low down, as opposed to top end power. The fork is raked out, and the rear tyre is much larger than that of a standard bike. Naturally, cruisers are quite heavy, merely because they grade comfort and style before their performance.

The Flying Fortress Moto Guzzi MGX-21

Much has been written about the 2017 touring motorbike, the

Flying Fortress, due to its weight, power, bikers’ riding positions, and its great style. Although it is somewhat expensive, this pick from all the cruisers is extremely unique due to several factors. These are the rear wheel receiving power from the shaft drive, the front wheel’s carbon detailing, and the 90-degree engine.

Great Extras

All the significant elements that you would hope for are on the Moto Guzzi MGX-21. These include the different ride modes, the complete dashboard, the LED headlight, and the four-speaker sound system consisting of 50 W.

So, if you have dreamed of owning a The Flying Fortress, this bike is for you!