The Honda CB650F

The Honda CB650F

Known as the street bike with ferocious attitude, the Honda CB650F has been very popular in Europe for the last few years. The 2018 version is not, however, a stand-alone model, as generally speaking, it has a lot of the features of the much-admired standard CBR650F, except the most recent model offers the advantage of higher handlebars.

Better than the Competition

The latest version is excellent for battling enemies in the middleweight naked bike category. And the great news is that it boasts an extra two cylinders compared to other models in that class. In fact, its sleek motor power can be revved up to a whopping 12,000 rpm, so this inline 4 cylinder 649 cc actually cranks out the most potent force within its class.

Appealing to Look At, and Pretty Quick

This Honda model is pretty quick, boasts comfort, and is appealing to the eye. Moreover, it stands as one of the best looking motorbikes within its class.

Honda’s Excellent Pulling Power

As noted by the

experts in the field, this 2018 Honda model CBR650F providers bike riders with superb handling, high acceleration and excellent performance.